The A-Star Pit Stop

For Primary 5 & 6

Just like how the Formula 1 car docks in the pit stop for a fresh injection of fuel and rim of wheels, the A-STAR PIT Stop is the PSLE docking station for your child to be geared up for the last stretch to the examinations.

This is where we will synergize the science of brain-based learning strategies with the craft of proven examination techniques to achieve speed, productivity and excellence in the examination hall.

This is where we leverage on the experiences of past students so that your child would be able to be exam-smart. Become a Formula 1 PSLE taker by learning the right formulas of exam-taking, exam-management and exam-excellence.

These last-stretch practices are just like a warm-up for the real thing. After all is said and done, it is time to turn your child’s potential into power.

Through this PIT STOP programme, they will learn and habitualise peak performance practices on:

How to be productive

How to match the question with the right strategy

How to tune their emotional state to peak performance

How they can achieve more with less by adopting the right technique

It’s time to turn the hustle of intense preparation into the real work of answering right, fast and well. This is the last pit stop before the race to the main event.

The A-STAR PIT Stop Comprises of:


PSLE Insider (English/Maths/Science)

  • 18 sets of top Primary 5 and PSLE practices (downloadable PDF) with more than 200 questions curated by PSLE specialists from Adam Khoo Learning Centre


Video Tutorials

  • 18 sets of accompanying solution video tutorials


Tips and Secrets To Acing Examinations

  • 3 Hours of bite-sized learning over 12 videos

Unlimited access till 31 Oct 2020

Unlimited access till 31 Oct 2020


$99 nett

for 3 Subjects (English, Math & Science)

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